Return a milestone

Rua Chile, Historic District , Salvador – BA
• 81 keys: 69 apartments and 12 suites
• Adamastor Restaurant and Bar (120 seats)
• Fera Lounge, on the rooftop (50 seats))
• Party and event venue (300 persons)
• 4 conference rooms (50 persons per room)
• 4 massage and therapy rooms
• Gym and sauna
• Swimming Pool overlooking All Saints Bay

Fera Investimentos brings back the iconic Palace Hotel, celebrated as the first luxury hotel in Bahia. This stately and monumental art deco building was the epitome of Chile Street for decades since its opening in 1934. At that period, it became a reference point to Bahia’s night life, having merited quotes in several literary works (such as Jorge Amado’s) and received eminent guests like Orson Welles, Pablo Neruda, Carmen Miranda, Grande Otelo and Presidents of several countries.

Fera Palace Hotel has inherited its triangular structure from the famous Flatiron Building in New York. Located at the highest spot of the street, which links Castro Alves Square to Chile Street, the Palace is always a prominent view. In this revitalization process, the historical façade will be entirely restored, and its most emblematic interior features will be highlighted. Our work will reconcile the essence of the hotel and the most modern aspects of sophistication, design and facilities of modern days, restoring the Palace to  its rightful place