The famous 400 – metter long Chile Street is the  gateway to Salvador’s Historic District s is surronded, by some of the most famous venues of the city: Castro Alves Square, Lacerda Lift, Ajuda Church, Municipal Chamber and the Misericórdia Architectural ensemble. Chile Street was built in 1549 by Tomé de Souza, the first General Governor of Brazil, and was first by Right to the Palace Street named . It used to be the main street in Salvador, at a time when the city had two points of entry: Santa Luzia and Santa Catarina Gates.

From the 1930s to the 1960s, Chile Street became an upscale commercial and leisure centre in Salvador, with clients from all over Bahia State coming to board and stroll along the street. On those days, some of the attractions included stores such as Sloper, Casa Duas Américas, Londres Taylor Shop, and Adamastor and famous food outlets such as Sorveteria Cubana and Pastelaria Triunfo